HOME recently announced that its cinemas, bar, and restaurant will soon be reopening – and come October, live performances will be also be returning to the venue. The 500-seat Theatre 1 will have attendance capped at 120 to allow for social distancing but despite this, tickets will be no more than £10, to ensure that people aren’t priced out of the events. There’s already a wide variety of shows on the calendar, including concerts, a poetry recital, a dance party, and a cabaret. Below, in chronological order, are just five of the best…

Don’t Go Back To Sleep | Wed 21 - Sat 24 Oct | 7.30pm

RashDash, a Fringe First Award-winning theatre trio, present this ‘live album’ that documents the everyday experience of the lockdown. They give voice to 18 people from all over the world by sampling interviews and weaving the transcripts into songs. You’ll hear the experience of a person who lived in isolation for months, and someone who tried to socially distance in a crowded slum. It’s a reflection on the anxieties of the COVID crisis, all set to a ‘banging’ musical soundtrack.

The Believers Are But Brothers | Tue 3 - Thu 5 Nov | 7.30pm

Amidst political and economic turmoil, many young men find themselves disaffected. Without the money and sex they think they deserve, they journey into an online fantasy world of violence. Javaad Alipoor, a writer and director, spent time exploring how both ISIS and the alt-right radicalise these men. He presents his discoveries through documentary, interactivity, and fiction. Originally co-commissioned by HOME, the show was first staged in 2017. It went on get rave reviews, win awards, and tour the world.

A Grand Auction of My Life | Fri 27 Nov | 7.30pm

A world premiere, this innovative one-person show comes from David Hoyle. An LGBTQ performance artist and comedian, he is a regular visitor to HOME. Here, he will examine his past by auctioning it all away. You can bid on some of his most treasured artefacts, including a painting, a sculpture, and a… jacket potato? It’s not only memorabilia that’s on sale, it’s memories too. You can (metaphorically) get your hands on a deeply buried feeling or a recurring dream.

The Earth Asleep | Fri 4 - Sat 5 Dec | 7.30pm

Another world premiere, the event is a film screening with a live score. Directed by Manchester-based visual artist Clara Casian and composer Robin Richards, it’s a travelogue that centres on the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. The filmmakers visited a Japanese village close to the epicentre to document the experiences of residents. Film, poetry, and music intertwine in a rhythmic montage. It explores how our exposure to tragedy through 24-hour news and citizen journalism has changed the way we process grief.

Sh!t Actually | Sat 12 - Wed 23 Dec | 7.30pm

A sell-out last Christmas, this irreverent show returns for a second helping. It’s an off-the-wall ‘remake’ of that Richard Curtis film which is adored and abhorred in equal measure. Two performers, Rebecca Biscuit and Louise Mothersole, play all the roles from the film. However, they spice things up with live songs, queer love stories, and political commentary. You’re invited to sing-along, shout-along, and cry-along. Love Actually newbies are welcome, however it’s strictly adults only as it features ‘gratuitous’ nudity.

Tue 1 Sep
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Wed 30 Sep 2020