The RAD Films crew return to scare another Gorilla audience, picking out two suburban family fright flicks for Halloween. The ‘Burbs sees Tom Hanks in comic terror overacting mode, awoken from his suburban slumber by the fear of the unknown in the form of new neighbours, the Klopeks. While not quite Bruce Campbell-esque for hammy horror, its late 1980s production lends it that slapstick feel. From The ‘Burbs’ hidden fiends to The Addams Family’s centre stage eccentrics, the latter remains on the must-see list for its caricatures of a wealthy oddball clan. The RAD Films team are serving up more than cinematic treats, with burgers, popcorn and more available on the night.

Sat 31 Oct, Gorilla, 54/56 Whitworth Street West, M1 5WW, 6pm, £8,

Sat 31 Oct
Ian Pennington
Published on:
Fri 30 Oct 2015