Painting is a form that dates back tens of thousands of years; yet even today it still appears to be a dominant format in the world of art. Head To Head, which opens this weekend at Rogue Project Space, looks to tackle why, exploring how the traditional form continues to progress into the 21st Century. Nicholas John Jones, Flore Nové-Josserand (work pictured), Matthew Musgrave, Estelle Thompson, Robert Holyhead and Ivan Liotchev all seek to examine the existence of painting both within and extending an internet-dominated world, while also considering whether there is still merit in painting as a prime subject. Accompanied by a publication with texts by the likes of Martin Holman, Andrew Smaldone, Nina Rodin and Nicholas John Jones, the exhibition seeks to prospect the future of painting and the way it continues to evolve. Also opening this weekend, downstairs at Rogue’s Malgras|Naudet space, is Unspecific Objects, a selection of works that explores the relationship between art and the objects around us through the eyes of 20 contemporary artists. So whether you’re looking to prospect or simply admire, Rogue Project Space is the place to head for your art fix. Both exhibitions continue until 3 March, with a Head to Head panel discussion 2pm – 4pm on the final day.

Sat 16 Feb – Sun 3 Mar, Rogue Project Space, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, Piccadilly, M1 2WH, Tel: 0774 758 7379, 6pm, FREE,

Sat 16 Feb - Sun 3 Mar
Hannah Phillips
Published on:
Fri 15 Feb 2013