There are a lot of better films around, but there can’t be many more loved than The Goonies. The 1985 release was a box-office success at the time, but has since spawned into a monster all of its own – a movie treated as a cult classic despite being among the most popular of all time. Every word and every line has been dissected endlessly, its poster has been printed on to best-selling t-shirts at Topman, and tubbier children at Primary Schools are still asked to do the truffle shuffle, even 20 years on. Most of this love has been fostered through Christmas showings on terrestrial television – which makes this all-too-rare outing on the big screen all the more special. For those who don’t know the plot: it’s the story of a couple of kids trying to save their homes from demolition who end up on a madcap adventure to unearth the lost treasure of One-Eyed Willie (a 17th Century pirate, natch). Often imitated, but never had the magic of The Goonies been replicated.

Thu 11 Jul, The Dancehouse Theatre, 10a Oxford Road, M1 5QA, 7.30pm, £5,

Thu 11 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 23 Jun 2013