A riotous and poignant comedy-drama from the team behind Ladies That BusLadies That Dig offers a delightful contemplation of life’s rich tapestry through the great outdoors – and the people who enjoy it – from Thu 16 – Sat 18 Feb at The Edge Theatre.

Promising a ‘fertile blend’ of live music, comedy, and true stories from ‘women who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty’, the show explores budding love, blossoming middle-age, exploring our roots and unearthing the buried treasures that reveal the true meaning of growth.

Collected from real, local interviews with allotmenteers, metal detectorists, archaeologists, grave-diggers, forensic anthropologists and green-thumbed enthusiasts, Ladies That Dig finds the inspirational, joyous beauty at the heart of a gentle relationship between humans and nature.

Check out the Edge Theatre’s Q&A with Ladies That Dig creator Joyce Branagh here.


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Thu 16 Feb - Sat 18 Feb, 7.30pm, The Edge Theatre, £15/£13
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Fri 27 Jan 2023