Fresh from its celebrated premiere at Barcelona’s Mercat des Flors in April, the HUMANHOOD Dance Company’s new show ∞{infinite} makes its Manchester debut at the Lowry Theatre on Tuesday (21 Jun) in a fusion of their signature choreographic fluidity and intense shamanic practice.

The show’s premise is movement and consciousness as a reciprocal life force, with the combination of dance and speech imbuing the audience with energetic transmissions across the Lowry theatre, which itself becomes a charged vessel for the viewer’s internal realisations as the production unfolds.

Following years of investigation into the capacity of meditation, energetic channelling and yoga for empowering rhythmic movement – to the degree it raises human consciousness – company founders Rudi Cole and Julia Robert Pares present ∞{infinite} as an expression of the boundless power that flows to and through our shared spiritual network.

Comprising a ‘cosmic tribe’ of immensely talented dancers, both HUMANHOOD and the show itself were formed through exhaustive studio sessions inspired by their sacred rituals in nature, resulting in the first ‘Dance Theatre Meditation’ of its kind.

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Tue 21 Jun, 8pm, The Lyric, Lowry Theatre,
Pier 8, The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ
, Tel: 0343 208 6000, £18
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 8 Jun 2022