Manchester’s iconic Night & Day looks likely to face a court case next month over a noise complaint they were served with last November.

The much-loved Oldham Street venue took to Twitter to announce that Manchester City Council had refused to remove the Noise Abatement Notice, meaning they could face a hearing on Tue 29 Nov at Manchester Crown Courts.

If the appeal is unsuccessful, Night and Day say the requirements of the notice would effectively ruin the space as a music venue and likely lead to its closure altogether.

In a statement, the venue said: “In a critical new development to the story and after receiving a copy of the planning file for the redevelopment of the building next door where the complainant lived, the owners of Night & Day were shocked to find that a crucial acoustic report had not been provided, nor acoustic works completed to the development before it was occupied.

“This was a condition of the planning consent for conversion of the building next door, to ensure that residents were not disturbed by noise from pre-existing businesses in the area.”

You can help support Night and Day by signing this petition, which has already garnered close to 80,000 signatures at the time of writing.

Wed 26 Oct
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Wed 26 Oct 2022