The Derbyshire-based Indietracks Festival, now in its sixth year, combines heritage trains and indie-pop music. Yes amongst its 40 strong band line-up is typically fey and foppish. But tonight’s warm-up gig presents the more muscular end of the indie-pop spectrum. Sheffield trio Standard Fare play a fierce, twitching power-pop that deals caustically with catalogue of broken relationships, underage sex and bitterness that Jeremy Kyle would be proud of. East London’s Tigercats are more acerbic than a band who include a cupcake recipe with their debut album should be – a delightfully spiky collision of Hefner and Los Campesinos.

The Castle, 66 Oldham Street, M4 1LE, 0161 237 9485, Wed 4 Jul, 7.30pm, £4,

Wed 4 Jul
Archie Vist
Published on:
Wed 4 Jul 2012