Kosmonaut kick off 2014 with a new exhibition by newly local artist David Gee. Designed especially for the venue, the exhibition is made up of a variety of illustrations based on abstract doodling (pictured), with a view to introduce David’s work to Manchester following his move here from Berlin, where he was a big part of the artist community. Launching on Thu 9 Jan, with an accompanying set from resident DJ Pasta Paul, this is the first chance to see David’s new collection as he looks to immerse himself in Manchester’s art and culture scene. For more examples of David Gee’s work, see his website.

Thu 9 Jan – Wed 5 Feb, Kosmonaut, Tariff Street, M1 2FF, Thu launch: 6pm – 9pm, kosmonaut.co

Thu 9 Jan - Wed 5 Feb
Hannah Phillips
Published on:
Thu 9 Jan 2014