Liven up February dark nights with feel-good vibes at the Albert Hall’s regular club night, La Discotheque. As usual it’s a cracking line up topped by Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass a.k.a Cassius. Returning in 2016 after something of a hiatus, the duo were major pioneers of the French touch sound, paving the way for the likes of Daft Punk. With an impressive, and star studded discography Cassius are sure to throw out some real floor fillers. Expect some rarities from former Panorama bar resident Prosumer, whose sets glide as easily between eras as they do genres, from funked up jazz to chunky house. Returning to La Discotheque we have Studio 54 royalty, mentor to Larry Levan (and all-round disco legend) Nicky Siano. Bringing 40 years of experience to the stage and a gospel choir, what’s not to love? In the bell tower there’s a HomoElectric residency featuring Manchester stalwarts Jamie Bull, Luke Unabomber and Will Tramp. Read our top 10 NYE 2017 club night round up here.

Sat 10 Feb 2018, Albert Hall, 27 Peters Street, Manchester M2 5QR. Tel 0844 858 8521, 8pm-4am, £22,

Sat 10 Feb
Olivia Rye
Published on:
Thu 25 Jan 2018