Two years after its premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Perrier-award nominee, Daniel Kitson, brings It’s Always Right Now Until It’s Later to Manchester. We are warned early on that this is a story of ordinary lives rather than a love story, and Kitson’s evolution from comedian to performer of tales is evident in this show. While still containing genuinely funny moments, it’s charm lies in Kitson’s ability to shine light on the smallest moments, making them seem important, monumental even, to the collection that makes a life. Heartwarming and life-affirming, Kitson’s reputation as one of the best one-man performers in the UK stands strong.

It’s Always Right Now Until It’s Later, Royal Exchange, St Ann’s Square, M2 7DH, 0161 833 9833, Fri 29 Jun, 8pm, Sat 30 Jun, 11am and 8pm, £12,

Tue 26 Jun - Sat 30 Jun
Chris Horkan
Published on:
Fri 29 Jun 2012