From Thu 9 to Sat 11 Nov, Simon Stephens’ Light Falls offers a rich, captivating tale of life, death, family and converging fates at Manchester School of Theatre, showcasing the brightest emerging talents from the final year of its BA Acting programme.

Billed as an intricate, poignant meditation on grief, the residual love of departed souls, communal support and the collective kindness which helps the North to survive the most dire circumstances, Light Falls follows five relatives scattered acoss five disparate northern towns, each with starkly distinct emotional tribulations, when they are abruptly and devastatingly brought together by a single catastrophic event.

Directed by former Joint Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange Theatre, Bryony Shanahan, the second production in Manchester School of Theatre’s incredible autumn season has shows on Thu 9 Nov (7.15pm), Fri 10 Nov (2pm, 7.15pm) and Sat 11 Nov (7.15pm).

Tickets are available here.

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Thu 9 Nov - Sat 11 Nov, 2pm, 7.15pm, Manchester School of Theatre,
Cavendish Street, Manchester, M15 6BG
, £5-£12
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 18 Oct 2023