Local authors have been asked to unearth uncanny stories from the ruins of Manchester’s lost buildings: the Hacienda, demolished Hulme, the mills and the Arndale Centre of old. Avoiding the obvious nostalgia of such an event, this one off night promises lashings of intrigue, given the richness of the topic. Confirmed speakers include literary luminaries such as Abi Fernandez-Arias Hynes, Adam Blaize, Benjamin Judge, Dave Hartley, Joseph Patrick Daly (pictured), Lee Moore, Sarah Butler, Sarah Louise Jasmon, Sian Cummins, Tom Mason and Trisha Anne Starbrook. Compere Fat Roland recently became co-host of renowned live lit night, Bad Language, and was compere of last year’s visual story night Electric Shorts.

Thu 27 Mar, Blackwell’s, The Precinct, Oxford Road, M13 9RN. Tel: 0161 274 3331, 7.30pm, FREE,  www.facebook.com

Thu 27 Mar
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Mon 24 Mar 2014