Apparently this show was going to be put on at a skate park – which would’ve been cool – but the cost of shutting down ramps and half-pipes for the day was just too much to comprehend (and we imagine the acoustics would’ve been a nightmare too), so instead it’s at Antwerp Mansion, which is getting used to hosting this kind of thing. Hosted by Cheesus Crust Records, the common thread among acts here is the fact that they all, in some way or another, come under the banner of DIY punk. Acts are flying in from all over the places: headliner You’ll Live is based in Florida and err… well, the rest are UK-based, but come from Sheffield (creator of the should-be sleeper hit of the year, Nai Harvest), Wrexham (garage punkers Mowbird), Oswestry (Furrow) and a variety of other places, too. In fact, Mistoa Polsta are the only act who won’t have too far to travel – having kicked up a fuss elsewhere in Manchester over the last couple of months, they’ll be doing the same here with their catchy, grainy melodies. An all-dayer can be a long slog, but this one should certainly be worth it

Sun 23 Jun, Antwerp Mansion, Rusholme Grove, M14 5BT, 12pm, £5,

Sun 23 Jun
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Mon 10 Jun 2013