Manchester-based artist Akinyemi Oludele has been making art for over 20 years and is a familiar figure in the city’s arts and music scene. 

If you’ve spent much time around the Northern Quarter, you might even have been drawn by him yourself—he’s a familiar figure at Night and Day Cafe, where he can often be seen capturing quick-fire sketches in the midst of the drinkers and the dancers. 

For Oludele, inspiration is everywhere: from Manchester’s night-time revellers and black history to political satire and the silhouette work of Jacob H. Lawrence. 

His work is a celebration of free expression, capturing the music and rhythm of life in charcoal, oils and digital mediums. 

By using the rhythm of music to guide his artistic style, Oludele defines his work as jazz art, visual poetry and digital rhythmic expression.

He emphasizes human interaction, connection, and the fabric and energy of everyday life.

His work is available to purchase by contacting the artist ( or over on his website

Mon 11 Apr
Rachel Kevern
Published on:
Tue 12 Apr 2022