Norfolk native and multi-talented writer Louis de Bernières arrives in Manchester for a live literature session at the Martin Harris Centre to discuss his works, and hopefully treat us to a ditty on one of the many instruments he plays (flute, mandolin, clarinet and guitar). Perhaps best known as the writer of 1994’s Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, de Bernières has published six critically acclaimed novels since his first book back in 1990, as well as various collections of short stories including his recently published book of poetry Imagining Alexandria: Poems in memory of Constantinos Cavafis, which was published in August of this year.

Mon 18 Nov,  Martin Harris Centre, Bridgeford Street, M13 9PL. Tel: 0161 275 8951, 6.30pm, £6,

Mon 18 Nov
John Stansfield
Published on:
Fri 15 Nov 2013