Taking over New Century Hall on Wed 22 Nov, Manchester Camerata builds upon their peerless reputation for collaborative musical innovation with their latest edition of Unquiet, featuring the world’s first Speakers Corner Quartet orchestral show.

For their first ever live orchestral show, the quartet are joined by Coby Sey, Confucius MC, James Massiah, Lea Sen, Leilah, Tawiah and Eska to perform a selection of spellbinding arrangements from their acclaimed album, Further Out Than The Edge, alongside other pieces from their back catalogue.

Led by internationally acclaimed conductor Robert Ames, whose previous musical partnerships include Frank Ocean, Sigur Rós and others, Speakers Corner Quartet perform as a symbiotic hive mind, playing with an almost telepathic instrumental creativity both with one another and their collaborators. Formed in 2006 as the house band for Brixton’s seminal spoken word and hip-hop session, Speaker’s Corner, the quartet now operate at the core of South London’s wildly invigorating music scene.

This instalment of Unquiet will also feature the world premiere of new work by Royal Philharmonic Society composer Blasio Kavuma, composed especially for Manchester Camerata and the AMC Gospel Choir.

Following collaborations with Space Afrika, AFRODEUTSCHE and many others, Manchester Camerata presents Unquiet as a reinforcement of their trailblazing work as they tirelessly shatter through the upper limits of orchestral potential.

Click here to book tickets to Unquiet on Wed 22 Nov, with student tickets available for just £5.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Wed 22 Nov, 7pm, New Century Hall,
34 Hanover St, Manchester M4 4AH
, £26.21
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Tue 17 Oct 2023