Joining the RNCM for their 50th anniversary celebrations as Artists in Residence, Manchester Collective looks to redefine the possibilities of classical music with Bag of Bones on Fri 10 Feb.

Produced and led by vocalist Alice Zawadzki alongside a ‘cross-breed ensemble’ comprising keys, accordion, percussion and strings, the electrifying performance creates an admixture of romance, jazz and studio theatre ‘filtered through a hessian sack of deep, dark Central European folklore’.

Billed as a ‘deeply personal’ work of music theatre, Bag of Bones sees Zawadzki wrestle with cultural history, inherited stories and collective memory filtered through her Polish heritage.

Promising music at ‘its most thrilling, dangerous and cathartic’, the work offers no saccharine melodic jazz or upbeat dancehall nunbers, yet still discovers lightness through its shadowy, pensive story as brand new music sits alongside an ‘evolving’ set which transports listeners to strange new lands.

Book tickets to Bag of Bones using the link below – standard tickets are £18, while students and under-26s can attend for just £9.

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Fri 10 Feb, 8pm, The RNCM,
124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD
, Tel: 01619075200, £9/£18
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Tue 7 Feb 2023