Gein’s Family Giftshop | Kosmonaut | Mon 1 May | 8pm | FREE
Gein’s Family Giftshop are just the best bunch of folk. Not only are they one of the hardest working comedy acts in the industry, but they also offer up their brand new slices of fried gold sketches for free once a month. And because they’re such top eggs they also gain friends wherever they gig. Really funny friends that like them so much they do some free comedy too. This month it’s Tez Ilyas and Stephanie Laing sharing the stage for one of the best bills you’ll see all week. All free of charge. Thanks Gein’s.

Ben Target | The Pub/Zoo | Tue 2 May | 7.30pm | £5/3
People are often put off by the term anti-comedy, an experimental form of jazz stand up where attention is paid to the silence as much as the words. Though having just reread that last sentence we entirely understand why people might find it more than slightly off putting. Anti-comedy, Kaufmannesque clown Ben Target though is such a riotous joy that he transcends the ‘anti-comedy’ bracket by being just so damn weird and likeable. It’ll be a show like none you’ve seen before, unless you’ve seen Ben before. In which case you’ll surely already be going.

Tony Law | The Lowry | Fri 5 May | 8pm | £17.50
‘A Law Unto His-Elf What Welcome’ is the baffling name of Tony Law’s new UK tour though anyone that has had the pleasure of seeing Law strut his stuff live will know that the tangential meanderings his wonderful mind takes know that his material never seems old and is constantly evolving. Like a river of comedy you can never go to the same place twice, Law has set himself apart as one of the most consistently original voices on the comedy scene.

Marcel Lucont | Gorilla | Sat 6 May | 7.30pm | £12/10
In the heat of a Brexit fuelled snap election on these shores and a vicious Presidential fight across the channel there is perhaps no better time for France’s greatest export Marcel Lucont to come and insult an audience here in the UK. Alexis Dubus has crafted a perfect comic creation for poking holes at the absurdity of the British whilst simultaneously sounding absolutely charming. Another great Group Therapy get, Lucont is joined by GT favourite John Hastings for the night and a special appearance from fellow club night The Delightful Sausage for some extra weirdness.

Comedy Marathon | Tribeca | Sun 7 May | 12.30pm | £5
Two weeks after the London marathon local stand up and some time ComedySportz member Lukas Kirby is attempting his own endurance test with a huge day of live comedy. Lasting for ten hours (a wristband for a fiver lets you come and go as you please), the day will see more than 70 comedians taking to the stage at Tribeca to tickle your funnybones throughout the mammoth session with all proceeds going to charity. Certainly seems a whole lot more fun than that running malarkey.

Mon 1 May - Sun 7 May
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 1 May 2017