Gein’s Family Giftshop | Kosmonaut | Mon 7 Nov | 8.30pm | FREE
With a new show to get ready for August the ever diligent Gein’s Family Giftshop have been hard at work in the sketch mines to bring you more darkened comedy gold. Here the present their new material alongside a host of excellent comics all for the price of a hearty handshake with Peter Otway and Kate McCabe as well as powerpoint genius David Trent. Since weekend clubs rarely book sketch groups to top their bills Gein’s put on this amazing night for free to showcase their spanking wares and thusly their loss is the skinflint’s gain.

Beat the Frog World Series Final | The Frog & Bucket | Mon 7 Nov | 8.15pm | £3
Heading to the Monday night gong show at Manchester comedy institution The Frog & Bucket is always a bit of a gamble both on the caliber of acts and the willingness of the audience to not debase the whole thing by being terribly mean to the brave souls that attempt five minutes of stage time. Once a year however the crème de la crème of this X Factor of comedy are presented for your delectation, a night that marks out the future of stand up in the city and those acts you should expect to see on weekend nights and hopefully one day on the television. Provided television still exists after President Trump hits the red button with his tiny hands.

Sham Bodie | Soup Kitchen | Thu 10 Nov | 7.30pm | £5
Manchester’s finest hot dog giveaway service celebrates their third birthday with a line up of their favourite acts from their short tenure on the scene. IT rock n rollers Foxdog Studios headline, Sean Morley will appear somewhere, music comes from Mathew Gray and The Awful Truth and further bridging the gap between music and comedy, Pins drummer (who played the 1st Sham Bodie) Sophie Galpin will be turning her hand at stand up. There will also be an appearance from Birthday Bread Man (pictured) and the aforementioned hot dogs. All for a fiver.

Chorlton Chuckles | South West Manchester Cricket Club | Fri 11 Nov | 7.30pm | £7/10
Remember what we said back in pick #1 about sketch groups not getting the chance to headline weekend shows and thusly having to scrape up their own gigs? Well feel free to slap us right across the face and call us a damn liar because the heroes over at Chorlton Chuckles have the aforementioned Gein’s Family Giftshop headlining the show with a best of their Edinburgh nominated shows. Tickets are via email only (unless you want to pay more on the door) so get involved for a great night of live comedy just minutes away from the Chorlton tram station.

Mon 7 Nov - Fri 11 Nov
John Stansfield
Published on:
Sun 6 Nov 2016