Joz Norris (pictured) | Kosmonaut | Mon 20 Jun | 8pm | £8/3
One of London’s celebrated ‘Weirdos’ troupe Joz Norris headlines ‘Manchester’s Alternative Comedy Emporium’ this Monday for a night filled with atypical strange nonsense from the celebrated extroverted introvert. Alongside Norris there is ‘innocent edge’ of Jenny Collier and the ‘whatever he wants to do’ Sean Morley to make this the most alternative of alternative emporiums. Act fast to get early bird tickets for just £3, saving you a fiver on the door price.

Nish Kumar | The Pub/Zoo | Tue 21 Jun | 7pm | £5/3
One of the smartest satirical minds currently at work in Britain today, Nish Kumar brings his latest Edinburgh show to XS Malarkey ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Unless You Shout The Words Real Loud’ the follow up to his equally long winded show from last year that garnered some of the best reviews of the festival as well as a nomination for the Foster’s Award. Alongside some politically motivated speak from the host of Radio 4’s Newsjack are two of the more surreal up and comers on today’s circuit in Andy Field and Daniel Nicholas so there’s something for everyone.

The Delightful Sausage | The Castle | Wed 22 Jun | 7.45pm | £4/2
It’s Christmas! Well, not quite, it’s almost as far away from Christmas as it could possibly be, but that’s not going to stop top alternative comedy night The Delightful Sausage from having the best Christmas party ever. There’s talk of gifts, a nativity and even a fist fight plus the now famous ‘meat raffle’ that happens at every one of these butcher flavoured events. Choice cuts of comedy from the best in the North West including Amy Gledhill, Chris Cantrill, Jayne Edwards, Barnaby Thompson, Edy Hurst and Jack Evans means for just £4 Christmas really is coming early!

Gein’s Family Giftshop | Robert Powell Theatre | Wed 22 Jun | 8pm | FREE
The BBC are letting everyone’s favourite macabre sketch group Gein’s Family Giftshop back on the radio and they’re letting you catch the performance for FREE! Last year’s three 30 minute misadventures were absolutely excellent and after they showed no signs of a diminishing return with their second Edinbrugh show (if anything it was even stronger than the one that got them nominated best newcomer the year before) they shouldn’t disappoint here either. Plus it’s free so you have no right to be disappointed. Absolutely no right. Go to bed if you’re going to be like that.

Sara Pascoe | The Lowry | Sat 25 Jun | 8pm | £15
As one of the most consistently intelligent yet accessible comedians on both stage and screen Sara Pascoe has now followed that double act with a book. ‘Animal’ is subtitled ‘The Autobiography of the Human Body’ and this tour ties in to the writings therein touching on both her own experiences and evolutionary history. As illuminating as she is hilarious Pascoe is able to make complex theories seem common place, comedy that makes you think. Nothing better than that.

Mon 20 Jun - Sat 25 Jun
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 20 Jun 2016