Sidekick | Mon 29 Feb | Via | 7.30pm | £2
Falling as it does on the 29th of February there’s every chance that Sidekick host Kate McCabe will arrive dressed as good ol’ Leap Day William, or that the man himself might make an appearance on this extra special extra day. Should William not turn up and shower the children with sweets in return for their tears then you’ll have to make do with the excellent comedians on show including Stephanie Laing, Edy Hurst, Kerry Leigh and Sully O’Sullivan. It’s a Leap Day miracle!

Barking Tales | Zombie Shack | Wed 2 Mar | 7pm | £5
Bethany Black headlines this month’s night of comedy and sharing true stories of mental health issues. No regular night in Manchester has done more charitable work than Harriet Dyer’s look at the psyche of the modern comedian with proceeds from each event going to MIND. Bethany Black has always explored the darker recesses of her own struggles with depression and is an honest and hilarious storyteller. Long may this night and the discussions in provokes continue.

Chortle Student Comedy Award Mcr Heat | Koh Tao | Wed 2 Mar | 7.30pm |
The annual Chortle Student Comedy competition is a tricky badger, paved as it is with students with lots of chat but not much to say, however there are a number of great and varied comics that sneak through the lads wearing skinny jeans and an ironic t shirt as evidenced by last year’s winner and runner up in Andy Field and Liam Pickford. If you’re around Fallowfield on Wednesday it’s one to check out. You never know you might catch the next Joe Lycett who won the award in 2009 whilst at the University of Manchester.

Improv: The Killoseum | The Ape & Apple | Thu 3 Mar | 8pm | £5/3
Another comedy sub group that is often maligned is the art of improv. Huge in America, it has never travelled too well on these shores, even in the height of ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ it suffered from many a cringeworthy moment (and the Canadians Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie were often the only reason to watch). However the choose your own murder sequence adventure of ‘Murder Inc’ looks to buck those trends with it’s punomenally titled ‘The Killoseum: All Roads Bleed to Rome’. Worth checking out for the name alone they offer a hilarious improvised murder mystery set in ancient Rome with free pizza at the interval. Definitely worth giving improv another chance for.

James Wilson-Taylor’s Bat-Fan | The Lowry | Fri 4 Mar | 8pm | £12
With the upcoming soulless slugfest that will be the new Batman vs Superman movie it is perhaps time for a little lightness for the Dark Knight. Step forward then James Wilson-Taylor who feels he should be the next Batman (Ben Affleck is no doubt utterly terrified) and is here to convince you through song, sketch and stand up that he should take on the gravelly voiced role and heavy cowl of the caped crusader. An Edinburgh hit, this is one for fanboys everywhere.

Mon 29 Feb - Fri 4 Mar
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 29 Feb 2016