Edy Hurst | The Castle Hotel | Tue 21 Mar | 7.30pm | £3
After a debut run at York’s Fringe Festival, Quippodrome member and cute-as-a-button odd ball Edy Hurst brings his first hour about to The Castle in the hopes of fulfilling a childhood dream to create the world’s greatest theme park in the elaborately titled ‘Theme Show’. Edy’s high-energy charm and lo-fi props bring this ramshackle rollercoaster to life and will be helped with some support from Quip stable mate Jack Evans, on hand to open the show with his own form of manic weirdness.

Jamali Maddix | Tiger Lounge | Thu 23 Mar | 7.30pm & 9.30pm | £5
After his exploits confronting the racists of the world in Vice TV’s ‘Hate Thy Neighbour’, rising star Jamali Maddix is a comic in very high demand. So much so that a second show was added to this special one off performance at Tiger Lounge due to the first selling out. This will almost certainly be the last chance you’ll get to see such an insightful and important comedian working in such a unique and intimate environment so if you’ve not already got tickets, grab some quick.

Found Footage Festival | The Zoo | Fri 24 Mar | 7.30pm | £12
It’s been over ten years since the last major release on VHS (A History of Violence, in stores March 14th 2006, grab yours now!), and a few years since the likes of Oxfam stopped accepting videos at their charity shops as donations. However, the good folk at the Found Footage Festival are still unearthing gold in the thrift stores of America. Here they present their latest batch of instructional, exercise and home videos in what is the strangest film festival you’ll ever happen across. Worth it for the dry commentary from found footage aficionados and founders Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, on top of the sheer lunacy found in these discarded plastic rectangles this will be their 8th volume of videos and it shows no sign of losing quality. Or gaining any.

Tue 21 Mar - Fri 24 Mar
John Stansfield
Published on:
Thu 23 Mar 2017