This week’s comedy listings in Manchester include Stuart Goldsmith, Josie Long and Iain Stirling playing at the Pub/Zoo, the Dancehouse and the Lowry.

Stuart Goldsmith (pic) | The Pub/Zoo | Tue 21 Feb | 7.30pm | £5/3
Firmly establishing himself as the king of conversational comedy podcasts with his ‘Comedians Comedian’ outings, Stu Goldsmith is turning that popularity from an auditory to visual medium and rightly getting the exposure he deserves as one of the UK’s smartest stand ups. Recently seen supporting Jack Whitehall on his big arena tour he is also performing this hour long show of his own ‘Compared to What’. A deep thinker and brilliantly engaging speaker Goldsmith is a real treat to watch live.

Josie Long | The Dancehouse | Fri 24 Feb | 7.15pm | £15/14
Watching Josie Long do stand up comedy is quite simply one of the most joyous things you can see at a theatre. Her infectious optimism and wry smile is wonderful to behold, but as the world crumbles around us and those in power continue to take leave of their senses can Long keep up her natural effervescence? Her new show ‘Something Better’ aims to answer that question and in a future that looks increasingly bleak it’s nice to have someone like Josie carrying a light toward the end of the tunnel.

Iain Stirling | The Lowry | Sun 26 Feb | 8pm | £10/12
As the battle continues to rage between the venerable ‘baby boomers’ and the entitled ‘millenials’ Scottish stand up Iain Sterling stands up for his fellow twentysomethings for new show ‘Onwards!’ Tackling the perception of a generation defined by selfies and memes Stirling turns his satirical eye to this over analysed but underheard generation and how they will shape the future for good or ill.

Tue 21 Feb - Sun 26 Feb
John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 21 Feb 2017