Kev’s Komedy Kitchen | The King’s Arms | Tue 20 Sep | 7.30pm | £8
Comedian Kevin Dewsbury’s spin on the insipid Saturday morning cooking show format was a hit at the Fringe and now will be making its last hurrah at The King’s Arms this Tuesday. Instead of someone flogging a book or a TV show Dewsbury brings on comedian friends to help him cook up something vaguely edible. This particular episode features Liam Pickford and Mike Newall as well as series regulars Will Hutchby as the put upon producer and Hannah Blakeley. Good fun and you may well get fed at the end of it.

The Delightful Sausage | The Castle Hotel | Tue 20 Sep | 7.45pm | £4
A welcome return for Manchester’s strangest evening of new stuff, weird junk and avant garde headliners you might not spy elsewhere. This month sees softly spoken Silky and the enigmatic Mister Javier. Each worth your interest but it is the sausage’s off kilter build up that true gold lies. Local comedians pitching in with new work and old hats, trying to make each other laugh as much as the comics. There’s a good community feel to the night, you should go be part of it.

Ian Smith | The Lowry | Wed 21 Sep | 8pm | £10-12
The comedy world now is such that someone can still be described as a rising star in spite of having been part of the circuit for several years and have a couple of Edinburgh shows under their belt. Such is the nature of this label when applied to Ian Smith who offers up his third hour long show ‘Whereabouts’ a collection of late night musings on the difficulties of modern life from an inspired comic you’ll soon be hearing much more from.

Jonathan Pie (pictured) | The Lowry | Sun 25 Sep | 8pm | £13.50
You’ll most likely recognise Jonathan Pie as the shabby looking exasperated reporter that did the viral rounds earlier this year. Playing on the frustrations of many and eloquently putting across what everyone wishes newscasters might say (and probably wish they could) he recently took up a full hour to the Edinburgh Fringe to great reviews. Offering the same journalist off the record style but in a live performance Pie will be venting his spleen for all this Sunday.

Tue 20 Sep - Sun 25 Sep
John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 20 Sep 2016