Equal parts studio, gallery and dialogue starter, Constellations collates the ongoing works of Jade Monserrat in an active research space that operates at Manchester Art Gallery until Sun 5 Jun.

Examining race, the body and language—and their mutual symbiosis—the space supports Monserrat in creating a new work which will be exclusively acquired and exhibited by the gallery, while her previous works are on display alongside her notebooks, materials and research to allow the public unparalleled insight into her creative approach.

Monserrat’s art and performances occupy the room in conversation with pieces by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Mark Titchner and Claudette Johnson to create new narratives while expanding existing ones. 

Throughout the project, the gallery will emphasise the work of various artists who have empowered themselves and others through their practice. Their pieces are contextualised by Monserrat’s interest in structures of care across institutions of art and activism, and how care itself should be considered a vital tool of resisting oppression and silence.

Fri 20 Nov - Sun 5 Jun, Manchester Art Gallery,
Mosley St, Manchester M2 3JL
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 16 Mar 2022