At some point in all of our lives, like it or not, we’ll have eaten in a food hall. For people-watchers, the Arndale’s has a particularly rich seam of oddballs to mine. The new equivalent in Spinningfields probably won’t have quite the same numbers of oddities, aggressive families and scary gangs of teenage children, but it should, at least, be fun. Rather than filling it out with another McDonalds and KFC, Hawkers Manchester – as the food hall will be known – is curating 14 niche food-makers to fill their vacancies, and aims to combine the swank and glamour of a Michelin-starred restaurant with the vibrancy and bustle of a high street. The names of the vendors is still under wraps (and under development – you can get in touch with them if you think you’ve got what it takes), but street food from around the world – as well as the odd pie, some coffee, an ice cream or two, and cocktails – are promised. Still, the emphasis is on local produce and local vendors, which should mean they’ll be queuing around the block this winter – and, honestly, we can’t wait.

Opens November 2013, Opposite Hardman Square, Spinningfields,

Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 30 Jun 2013