One of the most anticipated announcements of the Manchester Literature Festival is the guest speaker for the Manchester Sermon at Manchester Cathedral. This October, Michael Morpurgo will be exploring the weakening connection to the natural world, the exploitation of its resources and our ignorance of an ever growing and ever nearer crisis. As one of Britain’s finest writers for young readers, and a prominent advocate for them, Morpurgo’s sermon All Things Bright And Beautiful, will be sure to challenge us to face up to our responsibilities to the natural world and to future generations. With an award list that almost matched the grandeur of Manchester Cathedral, Morpurgo is an apt and enthralling speaker who will be delivering an important and challenging sermon that gets ever more relevant as we see countries turning away from their responsibilities to it, and the dangers become ever more present

Fri 13 Oct, Manchester Cathedral, Victoria Street, Manchester
M3 1SX. Tel: 0843 208 0500, 7pm, £10/£8,

Fri 13 Oct
Joe Daly
Published on:
Wed 12 Jul 2017