Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool’s award-winning caffeine slingers, have opened the doors to their first Manchester spot.

They arrive with a glowing reputation and will no doubt be a welcome addition to the city’s thriving coffee culture.

Combining speciality coffee that’s roasted in-house with indie guest roasters on rotation, the team will also serve up their signature ‘Buoys’—a breakfast staple at their original location. There’ll also be fry-ups, healthier options like the ‘No Carb Box’ and sweet options like granola bowls.

Along with the stellar coffee and food, the venue will double up as a showcase of local artists.

To mark the opening of BSC’s first Manchester site, The Manc Wanderer will be the first artist to exhibit.

The Manc Wanderer—also known as Nathan Whittaker—is a local Manchester-based artist who will display his work in Bold Street Coffee with five pieces being exclusive to the venue as they have never been printed before.

Nathan has amassed over 26,000 followers on Insta where he showcases his love for his hometown, celebrating Manchester in all its glory including a focus on the less picturesque parts of the city that are part or our everyday lives.

Throughout lockdown, Nathan, who lives in the city centre, wanted to document the eeriness of the usually bustling area. His two main photography subjects are live music and cityscapes and with live music out of the question, he turned his focus on solely documenting the city.

Nathan said: “I’m so grateful to BSC Cross Street for giving me the opportunity to display my work in what will be my first exhibition of Manchester photos. Having sold my prints for over a year in Afflecks at the wonderful Be Your Gallery, it’s great that we can collaborate with this display of images showing off my favourite parts of the city in a space that’s just about to open – it feels even more exciting that it’s a new thing for all involved.

“Being from Liverpool, I’d forgive the team at BSC if they wanted to reference their own city in the new location, but for them to get involved with Manchester artists such as myself (as well as giving us a node with some menu specials I can’t wait to try…) it’s even more of an excuse to give them a big welcome to our city!”

Thu 9 Dec, Bold Street Coffee,
53 Cross Street, Manchester M2 4JN
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Fri 10 Dec 2021