Soup’s Mega Jam features former Egyptian Hip Hop man, Aldous RH (Alexander Hewett), Irma Vep (Edwin Stevens), and for the first time (drum-roll please) Thom Bellini. Bellini also achieved success as a session musician for Egyptian Hip Hop. But he’s coming into his own:  Bellini’s debut EP is hot off the digital press and features glistening production from R&S’s Synkro, who makes each song shimmer even at their grungiest moments. The newcomer’s three track record has an intriguing sound that cannot be pinned to one genre; moving between rock, minimal electronic and progressive pop. Though the date of show lands on the 13th, the line-up promises to make it a lucky day for anybody that ventures down.

Fri 13 Feb, Soup Kitchen, 31-33 Spear Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester. M1 1DF. Tel:0161 236 5100 £5 on the door.

Fri 13 Feb
Sam Penny
Published on:
Sun 8 Feb 2015