Dan Clark is a comedian with a sense of style. A fact born out by his wearing of not one but two hats in his brief appearance in the Mighty Boosh as the aptly named Johnny Two Hats. His latest tour cements that king of cool image. Most musical comics settle on strumming an acoustic guitar to parody popular song but Clark’s oeuvre is more considered. He brings with him a full, proper, backing band consisting of professional musicians including seasoned singer/songwriter Ben Parker Anthony Bishop of Sweet Billy Pilgrim and jazz musician Johnny de’Ath. As well as music the show also features an appearance from Don Danbury, Clark’s often inappropriate character in his long-running BBC3 sitcom, How Not To Live Your Life.

Thu 8 Nov, Dancehouse, 10 Oxford Road, M1. Tel: 0161 237 1413, 8pm, £15 (£12), www.thedancehouse.co.uk

Thu 8 Nov
Marissa Burgess
Published on:
Wed 7 Nov 2012