The mysterious N.Racker headlines a night of antique electronics and contemporary chamber music on Sunday 28 April in the belly of The Bay Horse. Delivering the debut long-player for Andy Votel’s Pre-Cert Entertainment imprint last year, Flock Toxicant reimagined glowering acoustics through the precision processing of homemade electronics; wielding hand-crafted zithers and other stringed contraptions through a haze of caustic drones and fogged reverberations, creating a shimmering and detailed tapestry of dark beauty. Their debut live show last year in support of Demdike Stare turned many heads and their inclusion on that bill, just as this, was more than warranted. Rounding out the evening is Fieldhead and A Sun Ammissa of Gizeh Records, a label that has become a beacon in the UK for producing stellar neoclassical music and contemporary composition with its rosters inspired use of electronic elements and the simple undeniable beauty of the recordings. Braced by two violinist, Paul Elam’s Fieldhead (pictured) continues to twin the rustic textures of site-specific field recording and coruscating string work into a dizzying and panoramic blend fit for cinema, processing these elements live into a pool of sound one could happy swim for days in. Knox’s own A Sun-Amissa’s take on chamber music is far darker hued than his label mate, using ghost blues guitars, funereal cello and waterlogged found sounds as tools to create a rich drama of sound; one that is as reliant on silence and space as it is on mournful melody. Those with an interest in contemporary ambient and neoclassical composition would be hard pressed to find an evening that offered as much this, and for a mere £5 there are no excuses for not attending.

Sun 28 Apr, The Bay Horse, Thomas Street, M4 1NA, Tel: 0161 661 1041, 7pm, £5,

Sun 28 Apr
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Thu 18 Apr 2013