With summer quickly becoming a distant memory, the team at Nell’s has wasted no time in marking the (sort of) changing seasons with a couple of limited-edition menu additions.

There are two new specials available from now until November, one of which is an ice cream sandwich inspired by arguably the OG viral food/drink trend, pumpkin spice. That’s right, it comes for us all, folks.

Seattle’s most celebrated seasonal export has been channelled to create the dessert, which features a light pumpkin spiced biscuit with Nell’s own house-made vanilla cheesecake ice cream, dipped in white chocolate.

Inspiration for the new pizza special comes from a somewhat more obscure source, a crush that owner Jonny had developed for a pizza he’d seen on Instagram over lockdown from a Toronto spot called Conzo’s.

Conzo’s opened up 5 weeks before March 2020, and sadly only lasted until this year before being closed down. Their pepperoni & mushroom ‘za had become the stuff of local legend, and the one that caught Jonny’s eye. Nell’s has now paid homage by recreating that very pizza, and you can grab it for the next couple of months.

Both specials are available across all sites including Common, The Beagle, and Nell’s Kampus. You can book your table using the button below.

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Tue 12 Sep - Tue 31 Oct,
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Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Tue 12 Sep 2023