A seminar and exhibition are set to explore the aesthetic and political issues around Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK), one of the most radical art collectives of recent decades. NSK started in post-Tito Yugoslavia as a group of punk-influenced young Slovenian artists, including the musical wing Laibach, who commented on political events. Following Slovene independence, NSK State in Time was born as the ‘first global state of the universe’, a utopian collective that has carried out temporary ‘Embassy’ and ‘Consulate’ events in European cities. Despite not being a physical entity or being aligned to any existing nation state, NSK State now claims several thousand citizens around the world, and is open to anyone who is prepared to identify with its founding principles, regardless of their nationality, sexuality or religion. The seminar will be chaired by punk musician and writer John Robb, who is joined by speakers including Alexei Monroe, author of Interrogation Machine: Laibach and NSK, Stevphen Shukaitis, author of Imaginal Machines and Michael Goddard, editor of Mark E Smith and the Fall: Art, Music and Politics. Get there early to receive your NSK State passport, and see Folk Art made by the collective. A club night later at Retro Bar is free to those who attend the seminar.

Wed 14 Nov, Seminar in Lecture Theatre 5, Folk Art Exhibition in Geoffrey Manton building atrium, both Manchester Metropolitan University, Rosamond Street West, M15 6LL, 3pm – 5pm, FREE, http://times.nskstate.com

Wed 14 Nov
Natalie Bradbury
Published on:
Sat 10 Nov 2012