The Third Hand Prosthesis is a new body of work by the London-based artist Rowena Harris. Using the body as a subject, Harris sees the ‘third hand’ as being that part of the body that is removed from the corporeal whole – seen, for example, when the amateur phone photographer’s thumb appears, by accident, within the frame of the photograph, thereby making a visual amputation. The physical body, split into parts, encourages each fragment to become an autonomous thing, able to exist apart from the corporeal whole. Incorporating installation, sculpture and audio, Harris’s work investigates the blurry line between the virtual and the real, the physical and the digital, bound to our own experiences as humans.

Preview Thu 29 Oct 6pm – 9pm, then Fri 30 Oct – Sat 28 Nov, OBJECT / A Gallery, Friends’ Meeting House, 6 Mount Street (Bootle Street Entrance), Manchester, M2 5NS, Tel: 0161 833 3087,

Fri 30 Oct - Sat 28 Nov
Daisy Kidd
Published on:
Tue 24 Nov 2015