In her first major exhibition, entitled Virgin with a Memory, the artist, filmmaker, and writer Sophia Al-Maria shows a series of commissioned works that relate to the debut feature film that was never completed: Beretta. Curated by Omar Koleif, this new show for Cornerhouse provides a sinister window onto the main themes of the film which revolve around a heroic female protagonist, Suad, who goes on a killing spree to murder all the men who have harassed her in her past. Set in the tyrannous Egyptian landscape, the narrative of the unfinished film is conveyed through a five-channel video installation, a published and edited version of the script, and a series of pseudo-documentaries which report on the complications of the production process, which have left this film in its fragmentary stages of display.

Sat 6 Sep – Sun 2 Nov, Gallery 3, Cornerhouse, 70, Oxford Street, M1 5NH. Tel: 0161 200 1500m, FREE,

Sat 6 Sep - Sun 2 Nov
Daisy Kidd
Published on:
Thu 4 Sep 2014