15” Deep Pan Stuffed Crust Portuguese Man O’ War is a new exhibition at PAPER Gallery, opening later this month. The show was created by Totaller, a gestalt entity made up of artists Lesley Guy, Lea Torp Nielsen, and Dale Holmes. 15DPSCPMOW, as all the cool kids are calling it, is one large-scale work made up from existing artworks, new pieces, artefacts from ancient civilisations and other ephemera. Different aesthetics, sensibilities and visual languages are combined to turn the whole gallery into an all-consuming collage. In creating this work, Totaller took their inspiration from Le Mur de l’Atelier by the surrealist artist André Breton. PAPER is an artist-led, commercial gallery based in Manchester that represents a range of emerging and established artists.

Saturdays between Sat 28 Feb – Sat 11 April, Paper Gallery, Mirabel Studios, 14-20 Mirabel Street, M3 1PJ, 11am – 5pm, FREE entry, www.paper-gallery.co.uk

Sat 28 Feb - Sat 11 Apr
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Thu 9 Apr 2015