Contrary to what the title suggests, you actually are invited. Eager to explore how far people can go to reach desired audiences – which often goes to the point of provocation – Polish-born, Manchester-based artist Karol Kochanowski unveils his latest work this Thursday, which will sprawl across the back wall of Kosmonaut. Inspired by the indecision and numbness that stems from the modern day problem of receiving too much information, Karol has used different techniques and layers to reflect the various versions of the ‘truth’ that we all too often encounter as an audience, and in turn this marks a new, more abstract and more colourful style of artwork to grace the Northern Quarter bar.

Thu 4 Sep – Tue 30 Sep, Kosmonaut, Tariff Street, M1 2FF, 6pm, FREE entry,

Thu 4 Sep - Tue 30 Sep
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Wed 3 Sep 2014