Oxford Street is home to a new Italian ice cream parlour, serving authentic flavours and creations. The outside is kind of pinky lilac, while inside, it’s a cross between a takeaway and a contemporary café, with simple wooden chairs and benches. Perching points, if you like, rather than comfy chairs. We tried toffee, pistachio, coffee and a rich, real-vanilla-pod-spotted vanilla as well as mango sorbet, while lime and mint shimmered alluringly too. Each creamy flavour cracks a little as you drag your scoop through it: the sign of a proper load of cream and an intense flavour experience. Serving gelato which is denser than ice cream, the coffee and pistachio, in particular, are not for the faint of tastebud. The waffles and crepes from £2 are cooked fresh, while Kimbo coffee is available to drink in or out, from £1.80.

Fresco Freddo, 83 Oxford Street, M1 6EG. Tel: 0161 222 3349. Open Sat – Mon 10am -10pm, Tue – Fri 8am -10pm.

Ruth Allan
Published on:
Sat 1 Sep 2012