Further plans and CGI images of TraffordCity’s new inland surf park have been revealed, with Peel Waters announcing Tartan Leisure, the team behind Edinburgh’s Lost Shore Surf Resort, has been brought on board to deliver the project.

The £75m development will be the first inland surf destination in the North of England. Using the world-leading inland surfing technology, ‘Powered by Wavegarden’; the TraffordCity attraction will give budding surfers access to innovative new technology that can produce 1000 waves every hour at different intensities and have the capacity for up to 90 people to surf at any one time. 

The venue’s accessible location will be within walking distance of both bus and tram stops and is located over the road from Trafford Palazzo and the future Therme Manchester site, which will be the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort.  

Andy Hadden, Founder of Tartan Leisure, the team behind the Lost Shore Surf Resort said: “There has been an enormous rise in popularity for surfing over recent years with proven benefits to our overall health and wellness.  The Lost Shore Surf Resort in Edinburgh is on track to open next September and the response and appetite that we have seen from the public has been phenomenal.   

“Now, we are excited to work in partnership with Peel Waters and bring over a decade of our knowledge and expertise to support the development of an inland surfing facility to TraffordCity. This will be a very exciting addition to an already incredible combined retail and experienced-based leisure destination for all to enjoy.” 

The estimated build time of the surf destination will be approximately two years once the team start on site.  

Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Tue 5 Dec 2023