There’s obviously something special about music on a train – following on from the New Mills Folk Train, the guys at Visit New Mills have bowed to public pressure and arranged another travelling concert hall, this time in celebration of the One World Music Festival. Gypsy jazz will be serenading commuters this time out – and after the two of them finish their jazz blues, they’ll be getting off the train and heading over to The Pride of The Peaks to do a second set, leaving just enough time to visit to the festival proper. The special train will be the 11.45am heading to Sheffield from Manchester Piccadilly, and we’re sure you’ll work out which carriage it is in, given the commotion you’ll hear.

Sat 6 Jul, Manchester Piccadilly Station, M60 7RA, train leaves at 11.45am, FREE with train ticket,

Sat 6 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 30 Jun 2013