Over the last few years, sunny Stockport has become a hot bed of young bands in the Greater Manchester area itching to showcase their talents – and on this list, Kashmere are one such band. Forming in the suburb of Poynton in 2015, Kashmere started out as a project between friends Joey Newey (vocals/guitars) and Andy Law (drums). In the last five years, their journey has included exploring genres, line-up changes and the pure graft of gigging. Explosive indie releases such as 2016’s Blow Your Mind and the thundering Porcelain a year later certainly got them noticed on Manchester’s music scene. They went on to sign with local label Scruff of the Neck. With the accumulation of members Charlie Cole (guitar) and Freddie Hughes (bass), Kashmere found their best fit.

Progressing into a more electro-synth-pop sound – tracks Codeine and Tokyo instantly became fan favourites as their gigging led them to iconic venues across the city such as Deaf Institute, Night & Day and Gorilla. Not to mention their travels further a field around the UK, Europe and a unique tour of China. With 2019’s release of EP Lucid, the lads furthered their genre exploration with the disco-flavoured Anaesthesia, outer-space ballad Gravity and the definitely danceable title track Lucid. Their latest offering is EP Flatten the Curve, which was recorded in lockdown, and includes a track with fellow Manchester band LOAstate titled CRYSTALS (due out Tuesday 28 April). Kashmere continue to be prolific in what they produce and the work they put in and we’re excited to see what’s next. Connect with the band online via Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or watch their YouTube channel here.

Cat Allan
Published on:
Wed 22 Apr 2020