We all know their names, but do we really know their stories? The wives of Henry VIII refuse to me remembered by a silly little historical rhyme any longer. They are telling their side of the story, with perfect pop princess vocals and sassy Tudor tunes. Defiant, devious and full of sass-itude, these Queens are determined to grab the mic and prove there is much more to them than simply ‘Divorced, Beheaded or Survived’. Critically acclaimed across the UK, a huge hit at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and set to continue climbing with success, this new musical will have you losing your head with excitement! The soundtrack has taken the country by storm, with clever lyrics that detail this infamous historical heartbreak over snappy, modern beats. After you’ve heard the soundtrack once, you’ll have it playing on repeat for weeks. From Anne Boleyn’s cheeky and humorous ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’, to Jane Seymour’s gut-wrenching ballad ‘Heart of Stone’ and of course the utterly fabulous titular song ‘SIX’. The show’s student creators Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss were undeniably influenced by the likes of Hamilton with the modern music genres and historical source material but there is also a real British twist. Think Spice Girls meets the Schuyler Sisters. With an all-female band on stage, and rebellious punk takes on Tudor costumes, SIX promises to push boundaries and entertain. Addictive and utterly captivating, this is the girl power musical you never knew you needed until now.

Tue 4 Dec – Sun 16 Dec, The Lowry Quays Theatre, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ, 2pm/8pm, £9.50-£23. www.thelowry.com

Tue 4 Dec - Sun 16 Dec
Hannah Brierley
Published on:
Mon 10 Dec 2018