Since it’s opening in late 2012, Terrace has been constantly busy. A success before the paint was even dry, the stripped back aesthetic, beer selection and delightful cocktails make this a Northern Quarter favourite. And yet, it felt as though there was something missing. Something to eat. From now you can have your fill of pizza, made fresh on the premises. Any great pizza starts with its base and Terrace’s offerings are no different with a special sourdough recipe that sets them apart from your average pizzeria. It is also the reason it took a while for food to be served – but now their sourdough starter is perfected they should be set for some time. Pictured is the basic menu with more additions to follow. You can bet we’ll be first in line for a taste.

Terrace, 43 Thomas Street, M4 1NA. Tel: 0161 819 2345, Serving 12-7pm,>

John Stansfield
Published on:
Sun 5 May 2013