Curator and influential avatar artist LaTurbo Avedon has launched a brand new digital work for Virtual Factory, inviting audiences to explore and interact with a digital reimagining of MIF’s hotly anticipated new home. Launched in early July, Avedon’s ‘digital intervention’ takes its cues from The Factory itself, recreating Manchester’s newest cultural space on an island in the global gaming platform Fortnite Creative. Taking creative inspiration from ideas of identity, authorship and artistic practice, Your Progress Will Be Saved takes visitors on a digital journey through a neon-clad world of mirrors, illuminated dance floors and private booths for an ever-changing experience that blurs the line between the real world and digital environments.

This immersive experience is free to explore via Fortnite Creative, by choosing your own adventure on the Virtual Factory website or by exploring LaTurbo’s spaces in Twitch. This exciting new work marks the inaugural Virtual Factory commission, with additional leading international artists of various practices due to take up the mantle in the coming months to help illustrate the digital ambitions of the real-world Factory. To learn more about Your Progress Will Be Saved, watch the trailer below.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Wed 1 Jul, The Factory,
Former Granada TV Studios, Water Street, Manchester, M60 9EA
Simon Bland
Published on:
Sun 12 Jul 2020