When news broke that Aumbry’s cherished Prestwich restaurant was to cease life as we knew it, there was an undoubted collective sigh of genuine sadness. Although Chef Mary-Ellen McTague was able to soften the blow by announcing that there are firm plans for a new city centre site, due to open sometime in 2015, there’s no denying that many of us were left feeling the pangs of nostalgia. But dry those rose-tinted tears, for Aumbry has just revealed that it is to return to its spiritual home with yet another pop-up. While Solita have gladly stepped into former Aumbry shoes by setting up shop on their old site (read our story here), the Aumbry crew return to the North Manchester town, this time taking on the pop-up format following the success of their 4244 Edge Street residency that recently came to an end. Hopefully this will not only give us time to accept the impending changes to the Aumbry identity, but also act as one big, final Prestwich blowout. At this stage details are yet to be officially confirmed but Aumbry is set to take over th kitchens of fashionable cafe-bar, Cuckoo. The new pop-up will offer an ‘a la carte’ rather than tasting menu, and will be open Wednesday – Sunday and include Sunday lunch. Watch this space for more details.

Cuckoo, 395-397 Bury New Road, Prestwich Manchesther, M25 1AW. Tel: 0161 773 1721, www.facebook.com

Wire Editor
Published on:
Tue 20 Jan 2015