Many of us have missed a lot of our favourite aspects of nature during lockdown but luckily the Manchester Festival of Nature, (MFoN) has been working hard to bring a virtual display of the fantastic wildlife that’s integral to our city. This year’s online festival will take place on Sunday 28 June via Twitter and start at 11am, with a host of activities and events scheduled throughout the day that viewers can enjoy and interact with using the event hashtag #MFoN.

During this year’s event you can expect to find a City of Trees workshop helping you to identify different tree species, a number of screenings including the premier of Natural Beauty of the Mossland by Mancunian Spring – a group dedicated to helping build Greater Manchester’s Birding City Region – plus a handful of live Q&A sessions with experts from the Manchester Youth Council, Action for Conservation and the Cheshire Badger Vaccination Programme. They’ll even be a session on butterfly and moth identification with Butterfly Conservation Lancashire.

Many local organisations have joined forces to showcase how important wildlife in the city is, including The Whitworth whose live plant pressing workshop at 2pm is not to be missed. For more information about the festival and how you can get involved, head to the event’s Twitter page. To celebrate the festival on the day, tag yourself in your best insect dress up using the #MFoN hashtag.

Victoria Fox
Published on:
Fri 19 Jun 2020