A new, Northern-based independent record label is due to launch later this week with an emphasis on giving a voice to marginalised voices in the region. No Such Thing, co-founded by ‘unruly prince of electronica’/honorary Northerner Dirty Freud and musician and visual artist Ruby Tingle, will debut this Friday 26 February.

Already hosting an exciting roster of new talent – including Iora, Kaspa, Jaayns, Leftwinter, Szou and Off Noise – the label aims to blend music and the visual arts, whilst championing diversity in the industry – whether that be in ethnicity, sexuality or disability.

With a passion and ambition to showcase the wide range of creativity in the North, No Such Thing endeavours to level the playing field in the music industry by breaking the mould, empowering their artists while also giving them back creative control. Find out more by visiting the label’s official website.

Cat Allan
Published on:
Thu 25 Feb 2021