The DIY scene can be so weird. On the one hand, there are the similar-looking shows with similar-looking bands doing similar-sounding songs in different variations one week to the next. on the other, there are really weird shows like this one, where a band has flown in from Argentina for a show and still might only play in front of a handful of people. Giant Hell know what they’re doing though – part record label, part promotions company, part – well, part everything, really, they’ve been doing this kind of thing for long enough to guarantee that when they get someone in from overseas, they’re going to be great. Headliners Los Cripis may have flown across the Atlantic, but they don’t bother with pedals or effects for their sound – they compare themselves to The Shaggs and Beat Happening, and they’ll certainly be disappointed by this British ‘summer’ when they see it. Also on the bill are two Glasgow bands – Clan Destine’s noisey World Peace and doomy fellas The Downs. Manchester lot Llion Swyd open the bill – which is only fair enough, given they’ve not had far to travel.

Thu 18 Jul, The Bayhorse, 35-37 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1NA, 8pm, £4,

Thu 18 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 16 Jun 2013