Not: The Art of Resistance is a collaborative exhibition centred around themes of communication, art and opposition. Included will be works from Jenny Holzer, an American conceptual artist, Andrea Fraser, a well established, New York based performance artist, SUPERFLEX, a Danish artist collective formed in 1993, Liam Gillick, a New York-based conceptual artist, Jonathan Monk, a Berlin based conceptual/minimalist artist and Carey Young, a student of Manchester Polytechnic who went on to become a leading visual artist, now based in London. Together these five artists and – and one art collective – begin an enquiry into the relationship between the art museum and the art of resistance. Born out of the avant-garde art of the early 20th Century and developing into the conceptual art of the late 20th Century, the art of resistance has taken many dominant forms, which have, in turn, given way to smaller movements. Bringing the context to a contemporary audience, this exhibition presents an alternative mode of practice based upon complex and often recurring themes that seem particularly relevant to a modern day audience.

Mon 19 Jan – Fri 27 Feb, The Holden Gallery, MMU, Grosvenor Building, Cavendish Street, M15 6BR, Mon – Fri 10am – 5.30pm (open til 7pm Thu). Preview Fri 16 Jan 5.30pm – 7pm, FREE,

Fri 16 Jan - Sun 22 Feb
Daisy Kidd
Published on:
Mon 12 Jan 2015